• Shutterstock Photo: “Airline pilot wearing uniform with epaulettes smoking electronic cigarette. Copyright: Monika Wisniewska.”

    How to fly the plane with your vape?

    September 29, 2016

    Flying abroad or within Canada? Obviously, you would want to bring your vaping gear with you but wouldn’t want to have your new shiny mod and premium eLiquid confiscated? That’s a reasonable concern!   Follow these following tips & safety precautions and you should be in the clear. Put all of your e-juice in zip lock […]

  • quebec vape

    Can a vape or eliquid vendor ship to Quebec?

    It was May 26th, 2016. The most tragic day (so far) for the vaping industry in Quebec. By passing the Bill 44, vaping was associated with tobacco products and treated as such. Here are a few things that have changed for Quebec citizens and businesses within the industry: No vaping on commercial patios next to restaurants, […]

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    Liberals to regulate vaping to help young people stay away from addiction

    September 28, 2016

    The move comes after several Canadian provinces have already passed different laws banning the sale of e-cigarettes & related articles (vapes, tanks, mods, eliquids) to minors and the use of these vaping products in public places. Health Canada said this move will even out the need to protect young people from being addicted to nicotine while allowing adult smokers & […]